About Us


True Response Synchronicity LLC
We are a multimedia production company located in Bothell, Washington. We specialize in audio, video, and website design/development. Founded in 2011, two college graduates joined their talents, and began their quest to be one of many successful small businesses in Washington state. Since then one of them has stepped down (as owner), but is still involved as a producer and voice talent, on current projects. The two friends are still close as ever, and are currently working on a product that will be divulged in the very near future. It took a lot of persistence and failures to get where we are now. A glance at the rearview mirror, shows us how we overcome many obstacles. The lights on the road ahead show the way to a bright future.
MeBothSynthsMusic, has always been at the core of what we do, and how we set ourselves apart. It should not come as a surprise that with degrees in both Digital Audio Engineering, and Midi Music Production, Todd Smith, would consider it to be the focal point. Todd is the owner of TRS LLC, Singthewind.com, and Biblesweepers.com. He is also the son of a talented musician, and songwriter by the name of Paul Smith. Paul is very well know where he has lived and performed with his band The Boulder Brothers based in the Wood River Valley.The band has played together for over 50 years. Todd was raised listening to, and performing music at a very early age. Todd, having a father whose occupation at birth was “Musician” (according to his birth certificate) was surrounded by music, and quickly learned that it is his gift too! This what drives Todd to outdo the expectations of the many businesses that have implored his creative direction and assistance. Todd as business owner of TRS LLC, has been providing products and services all over the United States and Canada, since the birth of his Sing The WInd Productions! In most recent works, he (and Production mate Jace Hinkley) recently produced work for the Bellevue Youth Theatres video demonstration, and many other local companies in the greater Seattle area!
One of our specialties is, on hold message systems. We write music, copy (script), consult, and advertise! We can help you detail the copy, and sales approach, for your new system. We also offer custom handcrafted music with the very best software )Pro Tools 12 is one of them! The music can emulate or be recomposed variations of your favorite music. If you are looking for a way to stand out, this is a way to impress the moment that they dial your number. Please consider giving us a call if you are looking to bolster your front end with a professional image.
Jason-Talmage Music Production is at the heart of it all! We are currently working with several talented musicians to record, engineer, produce, and advertise their music. Here is a photo of one of our amazing talent at work in the booth. He’s laying down some tasty rhythms, and is collaborating with other musicians on course to epic music!
We work with great attention to detail,each and every project that we do here at Sing The Wind Productions/our Trade Name. It is most important to us that the artists, performers, voice talent, and musicians feels as comfortable as possible. The only way to get the best performance is to help them express themselves the way they feel when the play by themselves. This is the best way to get the best performance.

    We work with talent of all ages and experience, and can offer coaching throughout the process. Whether it be voice, musical instrumentation, arrangement, composition, or software, we can help you! Sing The Wind has it’s hands full, but we are always looking for more work. Whether it be sound design, music Production, auto-attendant, telephone on hold productions, custom music, advertising, and creative projects the like. We do website design and development, as well. Todd Smith is well versed in many aspects of digital multimedia production. Website design and development is just another feather in his cap for the jack of all trades man that he is. He represented his our business TRS LLC by marketing and renting out The Hollyhills Clubhouse from 2013-2015, and the reason that it has been successful. As the manager there for over 2 years, he went through 3 different board of directors, and continued to outdo their expectations. In that time he more than quadrupled their income from his marketing and sales efforts through the website, and online marketing that he performed while he was employed there, and represented TRS LLC quite well while he marketed and advertised the clubhouse.