The Crew

Engineers / Producers

Music Producer/ Engineer


Music Producer/ Engineer


Music Producer/ Engineer

Our Gear

Equipment & Software

A complete list of our microphones and their specs


Interfaces, handheld recording, mixing desks, and handheld recording devices, instruments, and amplifiers.


A complete list of our licensed DAW software. As well as a lengthy list of software instruments and effect plugins.

Sing The Wind

Audio Production

We are a production company located in Bothell, Washington that specializes in audio production. We started in 2011 and are currently working with producers, and artists, and auto attendant recordings for telephone on hold systems.

  • Audio Recording

    Mobile and studio audio recording

  • Audio Production

    Music, Voice Over, Foley, Sound Design for all platforms.

  • Client Consultation

    We come to your place.

  • Telephone Auto Attendant Recording

    Private multimedia consultation.

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