James Manigley

James performs on stage.

James Manigley
July 12th 1987
Originally from London, UK, and studied Popular Music Performance at Tech Music Schools in West London. Before moving to America, he also owned and ran a recording studio. Recording artists like Simon Townshend (backing Guitarist for the Who) and, Uk artist, Lela (who had a top 10 hit in the Uk Dance Charts).

James also worked in the Studio with various   bands. He composed with several artists while running his studio in London. During this time he performed with and supported Big Country, and Thunder Clap Newman among others. Since moving over to Seattle he has been working with up and coming country artist Megs McLean, her music can be heard on radio stations all
across the country.

James in studio session

James is an excellent musician. He plays guitar, bass guitar, and keys and smokes at it too. He plays on a regular basis and is deep into the Seattle music scene already. Well versed in Logic Pro X, Ableton, hardware gear, analog boards, and the digital domain. He uses software industry standard effects and instruments. His experience offers a wealth of knowledge in both technical and creative ways. Whether it’s on the stage or in the studio recording, He is great fun to work with, and brings a lot to the table!