Jonathan Cole

Jonathon Cole
September 11,1989

Jon grew up in upstate New York and learned music at a young age through his mother and aunt. He started with jazz saxophone and moved to other instruments beginning with bass guitar and expanded to guitar and banjo. His knowledge and love for learning new types of instruments and styles of music is what inspires him every day.

Moving to South Florida in 2012, Jon decided to change his focus to helping people make and produce their own music. He attended sound engineering school in Miami Florida where he completed a two-year apprenticeship program at After Hours Music in North Miami. Jon worked alongside owner/operator Hal Batt recording and mixing various different artists covering a wide variety of music genres. After his time at After Hours Music, he was well versed in working with many different pieces of analog/digital gear which included a Neve V1 60 channel console, analog tape machines and an extensive list of outboard gear.

As he began working in different studios in Miami, Jon found his home in Key largo where he worked on various projects and eventually found his way into live sound. Live sound came naturally as it took him back to his roots of performing and creating art that people could enjoy. His live sound career took him to many places including local bars and clubs and eventually running front of house for a local church in Islamorada Florida.

Now residing in Mukilteo Washington, Jon is continuing his passion of creating and producing music along with doing live sound for a local company. Keeping to his passion of learning everything he can about recording, Jon is also an employee at a local guitar center where he is constantly learning about new recording technology and techniques that he can bring to the studio.