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We record in your space. We are equipped to record full drum kit, instrument and vocals with fantastic quality.



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 Jason Talmage

Jbird Laying down some tasty licks!

We taylor our prices to your specifications. There are so many variables when it comes to recording. Maybe you have backing tracks and you just want to lay down a sweet vocal. Maybe it’s an entire band with a horn section. These are two very different animals. Our price is restricted to the time and expertise it takes to accomplish the producers vision, the artists emotion, the engineers technique, and the talented performers, we all have a hand in it.

Liz Weiss! An amazing  voice over artist.

The microphones, hardware, and software, will effect the prices. We will negotiate to arrive at agreeable terms. When we arrive at an understanding we will sign a contract protecting both sides of the deal.Please understand that the first consultation is free. If there requires extensive prior planning there may be a consultation charge. The clock starts once we begin setting up for the recording session. That means setting up microphones, stands, cables, snakes, computers, and monitoring systems.

Neumann Microphone Image

The Neumann TLM 103

However we are skilled and can work both efficiently and effectively. We will work together to complete your project in the light of which you intend to portray your art. Mixing is a separate cost. This helps us compartmentalize these two different stages. Mixing is also negotiable time. We may arrive at an hourly fee, or an outright number that is agreed by both parties.

Please click this button, fill out the form with your needs and we will promptly respond with an email. We can set up a phone conference to discus your project needs, and the costs. We prefer to work on a case per case basis.

Please click here to fill out this what’s on your mind form and we will respond shortly.


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