Digital Audio Workstations

ProTools 2018


The latest from Avid, we offer ProTools 2018 Audio Recording Software.




Ableton Live 10 Standard


The latest from Ableton 10 Standard. Just released offering fabulous new capabilities. Excellent tool for composing virtual instrument arrangements.




Logic Pro X


The latest from Apple in a very powerful package. We run apple computers and Logic being developed by Apple guarantees a stable session and professional outcome.



Presonus Studio One 3 Professional

The latest in software from Presonus offers a very stable and robust package in a DAW software. Bring your already arranged project and we can work in your DAW.




Waves Plugins

Waves Gold Bundle

Includes 35 plugins ranging from the V-Comp to the Vitamin Sonic Enhancer. Industry standard plugins that have been used on countless platinum albums.





Vocal Bundle


Includes 7 plugins like Waves Tune and Renaissance Axx.



SSL Channel and Bus Comp. These plugins bring a professional console right into the mix.




Industry standard modelings done by Chris Lord Alge. Modelled after the LA-76 silver and LA-76 black!




Mulitband Compressor C6

Side chain two floating bands. Create separation ducking the bass with the kick drum in two separate frequency bands.





Universal Audio Plugins 

Many Of Their Plugins

Take advantage of Unison Technology. Make your vocal during tracking sound exactly how you want with less than 2% latency!




Softube Plugins

Many Of Their Plugins

We have their entire software library! They make various accurate emulations of hardware effects, and synths.



Softube Synths


Softube Software Synths are amazing. The workflow feels mad scientist like and brings a realistic feel of modular synthesis.



Console 1 Software And Controller


This software company goes above and beyond with their Console 1 controller and their very detailed software of console emulations.








Summit Audio




SSL 4000e





Control 70

UAD plugins

UAD’s Console




Omnisphere 2

An amazingly powerful and elegant software synth. It brings waveform modeling, the orb for space control, sound match. This is an amazing syth!




Trilian is the best Bass modeling software hands down! There is everything from a dusty old standup to dirty dub step bass. This thing is a mind blower for bringing more bass!



Stylus RMX

Stylus RMX allows for very intricate drum modeling and modifications to loops. It is the loopmaster as far as plugins go!




Native Instruments

Maschine 2.7


Maschine works with hardware that brings a high level to Sound Design.

The pads of the Mikro MK2 are silky smooth with articulate sensitivity. Bringing great dynamics to beats created with it!



Komplete 11 Ultimate

NI is an industry standard when it comes to their virtual libraries. This master suite brings the kitchen sink of modeled instruments and effects. They have incredible VI’s ranging from Orchestral to Lazer Bass. It is a giant library and no doubt brings more than enough on it’s own for creativity.


Roland Synthesizers

Roland Cloud


We are a member of Roland Cloud. It brings synths ranging from the boutique Jupiter 8 to the cutting edge System 8.




The Looploft Audio File Collections


The Looploft Master


The looploft Master Bundle takes everything in their closet to the front. These include multitrack high fidelity master sessions of very acclaimed drum performers in atmospheres ranging from amazing studios to raw recordings in different environments.