Todd Raphael Smith

Todd Raphael Smith
-June 17, 1974

Recording, song writing, voice over, sound design, and software synthesis
are always in production. Todd is from Hailey, Idaho where he played music from a very early age with his incredible father’s band. He then skipped intro band to start playing intermediate bass guitar in band. He marched down disney street with the High School Band, and scored superior for his ability. Fast forward a few decades and Todd is still motivated by music. With a passion towards producing artists, and collaborating with others.
He is a vocalist, guitarist, bass guitarist and intermediate keyboard player. Graduating with a letter of recommendation from Shoreline C.C. in 2011 with 2 degrees. Digital Audio Engineering, and Midi Music Production.
Todd is knowledgable and has great creativity and artistic concepts when it comes to arrangements, and mixing. He has worked with local bands to record demos. Stephanie Sloan, The Purpose Being, and others.
It is his passion to bring the absolute best out of the talent to help them relax or get into the groove when it comes to tracking in the studio.
His home studio has some nice equipment and he has mastered it very well.
He is producing an album that is almost in completion. Here are some examples of his work.

Sound Design

All original music!

This is a recent piece written for Todd’s brother who we lost too early. He inspires us all with memories and how important it is to do all we can live live to the fullest.



Digital music comes easily to Todd. He has designed music for specific clients that own exclusive rights to jingles, and songs. He has licensed music to customers on a per basis as well. If you are interested in hand tailored music, If you’re interested in hearing more, there is plenty more where that came from.

Motion Picture


I have a lot of music, and a great deal of it would lend itself to captivating moments in film.


Music Composition

CompMacbook2This is an original song written and performed all by me. If you are interested in more original written songs email to

Sample Projects


This is an original song co-written by Todd Smith and Ron Bentz. Todd enjoy’s working with other musicians and producers to continue the quest for knowledge and creativity.
Sing The Wind/Original Collaborations

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